Towel to Go Neon, Fuchisa/Türkis mit Geschenkbox

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Think water, sweat, travel. Like, bathrooms, pools, spas, gyms and beaches… Sandy beaches… Now, you don’t have to think about a so-fluffy-that-it-takes-up-my-whole-being kind of towels. Bye bye to bulky, heavy towels… Now its towel-to-go time… Once and for all.

Let Towel-To-Go Do The Work

Soaks up the water, dries down in no time, takes up the least space! Compress and impress.
Oh so easy!

Towel to Style Up!

Need a pareo? Something to boho-up your sofa, coffee table or picnic idea? Or your cutie little baby pie’s textile necessities collection is wider than yours? Here’s your towel-to-go.

Proudly trans-generational. Goes with every instagrammable setting. Gives great results.

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