In the Aegean, people know how to enjoy life. Besides sun and good food, southerners have a wealth of knowledge about durable and robust fabrics. Cotton stands out as a long-lasting and soft material in this context. We have harnessed and evolved this cotton knowledge to make it even more attractive.

Towel to Go supports a small weaving workshop in Turkey where hammam towels are woven with great care on old looms, and the tassels are individually hand-knotted and twisted. The production team mostly consists of women who contribute to their family income or sustain their livelihood through this work.

The goal is to maintain the quality of the hammam towels by placing a strong emphasis on the tradition of high-quality weaving and the use of pure cotton materials. Combined with striking patterns and vibrant color variations, Towel to Go has no difficulty in winning hearts. The collections offer a wide range of patterns and colors that undoubtedly radiate a fashionable charm for everyone. Let’s not forget the stylish gift boxes made from recycled cardboard that house the Towel to Go hammam towels.